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Back to School Glasses with VAL-Uvision in Jacksonville, FL

Vision is an important part of a child’s success at school. If he or she cannot see well, problems that are both directly related to poor vision and indirectly related can occur. The best way to ensure that your child has what they need to see well at school in Jacksonville, FL is to visit our optometrists at VAL-Uvision on an annual basis for a back to school exam and if necessary, a new glasses prescription.

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Direct Effects of Poor Vision on Schoolwork

There are a couple of factors which affect your child’s ability to do schoolwork. Poor vision has a physical effect on eyestrain causing visual fatigue and headaches. The other effects being able to read the board and written instructions are directly related to how well your child can see.

Indirect Effects of Poor Vision on Learning

Children who cannot see well may also display other issues that are related to poor vision but in a less direct way. These include things like frustration with schoolwork because it is so difficult, lack of attention, inability to focus or concentrate, and what appears to be learning difficulties or reading at a below-grade level. Because so much schoolwork is reliant on both seeing up close and at a distance, it is easy for a child who doesn’t see well to become discouraged or appear incapable of doing the work.

Vision Exams for Children

One of the differences between adults and children who have a poor vision is that children frequently don’t realize anything is wrong. They do not look around and wonder why everyone is finding it so much easier than they are or consider whether the words on the board are blurry to everyone. This means that if your child needs glasses, you will probably only be able to determine this by visiting a qualified optometrist for an exam.

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VAL-Uvision in Jacksonville, FL provides annual exams for children as well as comprehensive eye care for patients of all ages. Children’s vision can change rapidly, and a yearly back-to-school exam is a great way to keep on top of your child’s visual needs. We carry a wide variety of glasses, and encourages you to book an appointment during the busiest of times! To make an appointment, contact one of our optometry offices in JAX nearest you.

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