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Contact Lens Care From VAL-Uvision

All of us at VAL-Uvision in Jacksonville are spreading information about contact lens care. We’re partnering with the CDC, public health officials, lens manufacturers, and many eye care providers to promote healthy contact lens cleaning and wear. About 45 million people in the United States wear contact lenses. Eye infections are uncommon, but they can happen, and they most often occur in patients who don’t follow good contact lens care. We teach all of our lens wearers how to clean and care for their contacts, and we welcome consultations with anyone who has questions.

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Why Wear Contact Lenses?

Eyeglasses are the traditional form of vision correction, so what are the benefits of wearing contact lenses? It’s different for everyone, but most patients include these in their reasons:

  • Changing their appearance
  • No more fogging lenses in the winter
  • No sliding frames down the nose
  • Clearer vision
  • Better peripheral vision

Different Types of Contacts in Jacksonville

We offer a wide variety of contact lenses in our Jacksonville office. Our optometrist will consult with you during your eye examination to determine the type of lens that fits best with your lifestyle.

A growing number of our patients opt for disposable lenses. Wear these contacts for one day and then throw them away. You’ll always have a fresh pair in the morning, and no cleaning worries to think about. Soft daily wear lenses are a popular option. These should be cleaned every night with a cleaning solution we recommend. Never use water on your lenses, only the solutions recommended by the manufacturer.

Rigid gas-permeable lenses need a bit more care in terms of cleaning and storage, but they can give a clearer vision to most wearers. Many wearers don’t think about cleaning colored or decorative lenses, as they’re often just worn to change eye color on special occasions, but it’s just as important to clean these lenses as any others.

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