FAQ About Our Eye & Vision Examinations in Jacksonville at VAL-Uvision

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Keeping your eyes healthy starts with regular eye exams near you to check on your current vision and to notice any changes that occur over time. While specific individual needs impact your situation and our recommendations for treatments and examinations, you can benefit from a regular check-up in Jacksonville. At VAL-Uvision, we make it easy to keep your eyes healthy with an eye exam for glasses or contact lenses.

Why Are Eye Exams in Jacksonville Important?

The underlying reasons you want to consider visiting an eye doctor in your nearby area relate to your long-term health goals. When you get a regular check-up with an optometrist, you catch potential problems at an early stage and you have more treatment options. It also lowers the risk of accidents or problems with your education by ensuring that you have the right glasses or contact lenses to see clearly while engaging in specific activities.

How Often Should I Get A Vision Exam?

As a general rule, most individuals need an eye exam or a contact lens exam at least once per year. You may need more regular visits if you have an eye condition, certain medical conditions or during pregnancy. We also recommend bi-annual visits for older adults who may have a higher risk of developing certain eye conditions. Children may also benefit from more regular check-ups because their eyes are changing as they grow and develop.

While our specific recommendations may depend on your situation, you should consider an exam once per year. The regular check-ups allow us to establish a baseline for your eyes and give us the tools to catch potential conditions at an early stage. You also want to get an exam if you notice sudden changes in your vision.

How Long Does An Eye Exam Take?

The duration of an eye exam depends on several factors, including the paperwork we gather before the appointment. If it is your first visit to our clinic, then you should expect a period of time for paperwork and basic questions regarding your health and history. We ask about your health because some conditions like diabetes may cause eye conditions or contribute to complications with your vision.

After you see our eye doctor, the exam usually takes 30 minutes to 1 hour. It may take longer if you have specific complaints or concerns about your vision that require additional tests or evaluations. For example, if you tell an eye doctor about sudden changes to your vision, then we may need additional tests to determine the cause of the changes and an appropriate treatment plan. Keep in mind that you will want to inform us at the time you set up an appointment if you have any specific concerns since it may impact the length of your exam and it allows us to prepare specialized equipment when appropriate for the situation. Duration will also vary if you are looking for Jacksonville same day glasses, which our VAL-Uvision location in Regency (Arlington) offers.

What Should I Expect During My Examination At Your Optometry Location?

A comprehensive eye exam is relatively simple in most situations. We test the muscle movement of your eyes as you follow an object, the movement of your eyes when one eye is covered while you focus on an object, and the reaction of your pupils to a specific stimulus. We also check on your ability to see letters at different distances to evaluate any changes in your vision or any concerns that may require corrective lenses.

When appropriate for your situation, we may dilate your pupils with eye drops to check on the retina or we may use tools to check for pressure in your eyes. A puff of air is a common tool to check for pressure, but we may recommend more extensive testing if the results raise concerns about glaucoma. Excess pressure in your eyes is a warning sign of glaucoma and allows us to determine when you need further testing via numbing eye drops and a tonometer the check on the eyes.

Does Insurance Cover an Eye Exam for Glasses and Contacts?

Your insurance policy will usually cover an eye exam for glasses or a contact lens exam as long as you follow their specific rules and standards. You may need to call your insurance provider to determine the extent of your coverage and what tests may not be covered in your policy. Since each policy differs, specific details regarding your coverage may depend on a variety of factors. Discuss the specifics with your insurance provider to determine the details of your plan.




Do Eye Exams Include a Contact Lens Fitting?

The traditional eye exams do not include a contact lens fitting, so you want to inform the eye doctor about your interest in contacts to obtain an appropriate exam. A contact lens exam differs slightly from the basic eye exam because it requires measurements of your eyes and evaluations to ensure that your eyes are healthy enough for contact lenses. We may also discuss different types of lenses and your specific activities to ensure that you obtain lenses that fit in with your situation and goals.

How Much is the Exam?

The cost of an eye exam depends on a variety of factors, including your insurance policy. Some insurance providers cover most of the costs as long as you pay the stated co-payment and comply with their standards. Other policies cover a percentage of the costs and you pay the remaining amount.

While your insurance plays a role in the costs, it also depends on the tests you need for your eyes. A simple exam costs less than an exam that checks for specific eye health conditions and requires specialized equipment. You may need to evaluate your insurance to establish the out-of-pocket costs of your exam.

Schedule an Eye Exam at VAL-Uvision in Jacksonville, Florida

An eye exam allows a professional to identify risk factors and concerns that may impact your vision over time. For more details about our eye exams or to set up an appointment, contact one of our 2 optometry locations in JAX today.