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Prescription Sunglasses from our Jacksonville Optometrists

Friends wearing prescription sunglasses in Jacksonville

Sunglasses do more than make you look chic. Good ones protect your eyes from UV light and overall brightness, both of which can cause eye pain or worse. This is why it can be a good idea to wear them on all sunny days, as well as in indoor areas that are lit too brightly for comfort.

Types of Sunglasses


There are two main grades of sunglasses: Those that are provided by eye care centers, and the ones you can buy in a grocery or drug store. The main difference between these is quality. Glasses from your optometrist’s office provide clear vision, and if needed, can carry a prescription. Those that come from a drug store may shade your eyes, but they often have a poor grind that contains waviness and other imperfections that can cause eye strain or headaches. They also can’t hold a prescription, and may not even have UV light protection.

Prescription or Non-Prescription

You don’t have to have a prescription to wear sunglasses, so many who don’t wear corrective lenses do have one or more pairs of shades. Non-prescription sunglasses still provide protection from bright light, UV rays, and sometimes, other light-related hazards like glare or blue light.

Prescription sunglasses are perfect solutions for those who do need a corrective grind in their eyewear. They work with most frames, so you can get all of the light protection you need without giving up stylishness.

The benefits of wearing prescription sunglasses are simple: You don’t need to give up your clear vision in order to protect your eyes. This makes it very convenient for you to avoid light-related eye strain and damage to your eyes.

Why You Should Get Sunglasses From Your Optometry Clinic

When you buy glasses at an optometry center like ours, you can get them with a prescription so you don’t have to switch to your clear glasses in dim environments. You’ll also gain the benefit of high-quality lenses and good frames. These are important for both comfort and durability. Finally, your glasses will be fitted by an optician so they fit perfectly instead of merely being “wearable.”

Contact VAL-Uvision and Schedule an Exam Today

If you need a new prescription, it’s easy and convenient to get it right here at VAL-Uvision. This saves you from having to visit multiple outlets to put together a pair of prescription sunglasses. If you already have a recent prescription on file, or don’t need one, you can proceed right to the ordering phase.

To make an appointment for an eye exam and prescription, or to order sunglasses, contact our Regency (Arlington) or Mandarin location. We’ll be glad to help you keep your eyes safe from Florida’s baking sunlight.

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