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Contact Lens Exam in Jacksonville, FL

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At VAL-Uvision, we know corrective eyewear can truly change lives if the prescription and fit are correct. We take our commitment to your vision seriously, so we have a variety of different contact lenses and services at our Jacksonville optometry centers.

Our goal is to give you the perfect contacts for your unique eyes and lifestyle, and that requires a detailed assessment and precise customization process.

If you wear or are looking to wear contact lenses to correct your vision, it is important to schedule a comprehensive exam with a Jacksonville optometrist near you first.

All Types of Contact Lenses To Fit Your Needs

Many patients prefer contact lenses to eyeglasses in Jacksonville because they don’t require frames or external hardware to provide all-day vision correction.

However, when it comes to contact lenses, one size or type does not fit all. Some contacts are disposable after a day or a week, while others are designed for extended wear. Some have mild curves that adhere to the surface of your eye, while others have an extra curvature that allows them to arch over the cornea and avoid any friction or complications.

Contact lens fitting in jacksonville at valuvision

Difference Between Comprehensive Eye Exams & Contact Lens Exams

Everyone needs regular eye exams, regardless of their refractive errors or lack thereof. These comprehensive exams are important, and they allow your optometrist to detect early warning signs of conditions like glaucoma and diabetes.  However, they don’t include all the steps and tests that are necessary to evaluate your eyes for a contact fitting.

An eye exam for contacts is actually more complex than a regular eye exam, but both exams will be an important part of your eye care regimen. A contact lens exam costs more, typically. If you wear contacts, you will need a contact lens exam before we make any changes to your prescription or eyewear regimen.

No matter how minor your refractive error, it is important to schedule a full contact lens exam to figure out which type of contacts is right for your eyes.

What Can A New Patient Expect During A Contact Lens Exam In Our Jacksonville Office?

When you come to VAL-Uvision for a contact lens exam in Jacksonville, we start with a series of vision tests to evaluate your eyes’ function. We go way beyond the standard eye charts at frame stores, using sophisticated tools and exercises to make sure we understand your corrective needs.

All VAL-Uvision patients are asked to relax in our comfortable, friendly environment, as our optometrist determines the level of vision correction that is needed.

  1. Our optometrist will ask each patient about any issues he or she is experiencing, such a blurry vision.
  2. Knowing one’s family history, and any previous eye conditions, are also topics for discussion during the contact lens examination. We will also ask about any medications that could be affecting one’s vision.
  3. During each patient’s comprehensive eye exam, the patient’s visual acuity is tested using state of the art diagnostic equipment.
  4. Once our eye doctor determines the results of the tests, we will begin to gather additional information so the patient can be fitted with contact lenses. Whether a patient is nearsighted, farsighted or has astigmatism, he or she can rest assured that we are well-prepared to render a correct diagnosis.

Eye examinations usually take from 30 minutes to one hour.

Schedule Your Contact Lens Exam at VAL-Uvision in Jacksonville, Florida

Looking for daily disposable contacts? Do you have complications like dry eyes or hard to fit contacts? Are you ready for a new prescription for your contact lenses?

Whether you need an eyewear change or you just want to schedule a routine checkup, you are welcome at VAL-Uvision. We have two optometry centers in Jacksonville, so you can visit us in Regency Park or the Mandarin/San Jose area for all your eye care needs.

Request an appointment for a contact lens exam in Jacksonville at a VAL-Uvision near you. We are eager to help improve your eyesight and eye health with custom contact lenses that are right for your eyes. But first, we will need to perform your first contact lens exam and fitting.

Schedule An Eye Exam Today! Call or Book Online.

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