The Benefits of Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

The Benefits of Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

Benefits of Daily Disposable Contact Lenses in Jacksonville, FL

Imagine if you had a fresh pair of contact lenses waiting for you each morning? Or if you didn’t have to pack a lens case or bottle of contact lens care solution when you went on a trip? What would this level of convenience be worth to you? How about a dollar or less per day? It doesn’t make sense not to when you think of the many benefits of daily disposable contact lenses.

And yet, daily disposable contact lenses are far less utilized in the US than they are in other countries. In Europe and Asia they are the primary type of contact lens that is worn.

Daily disposable contact lenses are an easy way to meet your vision needs. Costs for these lenses have come down quite a lot. If you’ve held off on getting daily disposables because of cost, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn how affordable daily disposable lenses can be. Learn why an eye doctor near you might recommend these lenses and how daily disposable lenses differ from disposables.

Benefits of Daily Disposable Lenses

Daily disposable lenses have a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Convenience -Daily disposables are fast and convenient and great for those patients who want to wear contacts only for sports or recreational activities or simply a night out. Each time they want to wear their contacts, they do not have to worry about how long their pair has been sitting in solution and if they are still clean or not.
  • No cleaning – just remove and throw away. With daily disposable lenses, young patients and first-time wearers of contacts do not have to bother with following cleaning and storing procedures that are necessary for safe and comfortable wear with other disposable contact lenses. Parents of these patients then do not have to worry that their son or daughter is not properly taking care of their contact lenses or doing harm to their eyes. It does not get more convenient that this!
  • Healthy – Protein buildup on traditional contacts can cause eye infection. Since you throw away daily disposables, you never encounter eye infection from contacts. Individuals with eye allergies will also find relief with daily disposables.
  • Flexible – Nowadays there are daily disposables on the market for nearly any vision need. We can find something for you.
  • Perfect for kids – Kids and teens are less likely to remember to clean and care for contacts in the manner needed to keep them sanitary. Daily disposables are a perfect solution.
  • Disposable Contacts Helps with Allergies – Allergy sufferers can have problems with their contacts itching, feeling gritty, and drying out. Some will not even try contacts or stop wearing them and switch to glasses because of this. Sometimes, no matter how well these patients clean their lenses, they are not able to wear contacts comfortably for the full 2 week or monthly time period they are supposedly good for.
    • Daily disposable contacts greatly reduce the amount of protein and biofilm buildup on the lens surface which leads to uncomfortable lens wear and allergic conjunctivitis. Allergic conjunctivitis can occur with and without contact lenses and can affect patients in spring and fall or throughout the year.
    • A more severe allergic reaction that affects contact lens wearers is giant papillary conjunctivitis(GPC), in which bumps form under the eyelid from the mechanical action of the contact lens rubbing against it. This is aggravated by the amount of buildup on a lens. For this reason, daily disposable contacts are recommended to any patient who has had GPC or who is at risk of this happening.

Multifocal disposable contacts and color disposable contacts.

There are many providers that make multifocal and color contact lenses in daily disposable form. This gives more freedom to those who normally have to wear reading glasses over their contacts.

Focus® Dailies® Progressives are also a good for progressive glasses wearers who want another option for near and far vision correction on special occasions.

This was, they don’t have to worry about paying a lot of money for one pair or a package of lenses they may only use once and lose or be unable to keep clean enough for a second time of wear. Teenagers and adults who wear other brands of contact lenses most of the time but who want to change their eye color on occasion can try the Freshlook® One Day Color contact lenses for these times. Both Focus® Dailies® Progressives and Freshlook® One Day Color are available in certain powers so check with your eye doctor to see if you can wear them.

Daily Disposable vs. Disposable Lenses

Disposable contacts are intended to be worn for a short period of time, then thrown away. You may use the same pair for a month or a few weeks. During regular wear, disposables will need to be cleaned and stored at the end of the day, just like regular contacts. Even with routine care, proteins can still build up.

Daily disposable lenses are designed to be thrown away at the end of every day, so you do not need to clean or care for these lenses. Since you begin with a fresh pair of lenses each day, you can rest assured your contacts are fully sanitary and will not damage your eye health.

Would you like to get fit for daily disposable contact lenses? Contact any of our VAL-Uvision locations would be happy to assist you!

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