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Monthly & Extended Wear Contact Lenses in Jacksonville

Do you wear eyeglasses and now would like to make the switch to contact lenses? Or, do you wear daily wear soft lenses and are interested in transitioning to monthly contact lenses? The team at VAL-Uvision in Jacksonville has plenty of experience helping patients with disposable contact lenses that are designed to be replaced on a monthly basis.

Whether you are new to using contact lenses or have experience using one type and now want to see if monthly contacts are right for you, we look forward to helping you look your best while improving your vision.

What Are Monthly Contact Lenses?

As their name suggests, monthly contact lenses are designed to be replaced once per month. They are a type of contact lenses that last longer than the traditional soft lenses that patients wear for just one day or as many as seven days in a row.

Monthly contact lenses are typically made from soft plastic (essential for letting oxygen pass through them). Speak with your eye doctor if you have questions about using rigid gas permeable lenses overnight while sleeping. You will need to plan on taking out the lenses and sleeping without them on some nights, to give your eyes a rest.

Monthly contact lenses at valuvision jacksonville
Disposable monthly contact lenses usually do not need to be cleaned much or at all, since eventually, you will throw them away. You can get monthly lenses that are tinted as well as lenses that are bifocals, in case you have a different prescription for reading and another one for seeing distant objects.

Benefits of Monthly Contact Lenses

Some people don’t mind wearing eyeglasses and even prefer to use them because of the many fashion options and the air of sophistication glasses can give you. Others who have poor vision that needs correction will opt for some type of contact lens to see more clearly.

If you are a busy person and dislike spending a lot of time on something like contact lenses, monthly contacts are a good option to consider. With many monthly contacts, you can wear them for as many as 7 days in a row before you have to remove them from your eyes.

Keep in mind that sleeping with contact lenses can harm your eyesight because the lenses tend to prevent your eyes from getting their customary level of oxygen. Decreased oxygen exposure from wearing contacts while asleep may lead to corneal neovascularization (new blood vessels growing into the white part of your eye) and cornea infections.

When you keep your eyes open while wearing contact lenses during the day, more oxygen can reach your cornea. If you have any concerns or questions about complications from wearing contacts, speak to your eye doctor to set issues to rest. Patients have been wearing contact lenses for decades and find them useful and quite convenient.

Contact lens manufacturers have created extended wear contacts made from silicone hydrogel, a material that allows for a high rate of gas permeability. This means it is easier for more oxygen to get through the lenses and into your eyes, so your cornea will remain healthy, a major benefit of using disposable monthly contact lenses.

How to Know if Monthly Contact Lenses Are Right for You

If you have already determined that wearing eyeglasses is not your best option for correcting poor eyesight, other options do exist.

For some patients, there is little motivation to pursue a surgical method for improving their vision. With surgery and eyeglasses not an option, it is time for you to consider monthly contact lenses instead.

Brands of Disposable Monthly Contact Lenses

At VAL-Uvision, we strive to provide the widest variety of contact lenses to give our patients suitable choices for improving the quality of their vision. Brands that we presently carry include:

  • Acuvue
  • Alcon Air Optix
  • Bausch and Lomb
  • Biofinity
  • Cooper
  • PureVision

This list is by no means complete. Please contact our team if you have questions about the availability of any particular disposable monthly contact lenses.

Make an Appointment for Monthly Contacts at VAL-Uvision

If you would like more information about the benefits of monthly contact lenses or would like to make an appointment to get fitted for monthly contacts, the team at VAL-Uvision looks forward to assisting you. We are proud to offer monthly contact lenses services to our patients in two locations in Jacksonville:

VAL-Uvision in Mandarin/San Jose is located at 9397 San Jose Blvd #2 and can be reached at 904-730-2299.

VAL-Uvision in Regency Park/Arlington is located at 9400 Atlantic Blvd., Suite 62, where you can call us at 904-721-7700.

Please contact us to schedule your consultation and eye exam for monthly contacts today.

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