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Emergency Eye Care from Our Jacksonville Eye Doctors

Although your eyes are protected by the eyelids and lashes, any foreign material that makes its way past those protective elements come into contact with the soft tissues of your eyes. When this happens, your eyes are susceptible to a minor or severe injury that could impact the health of your eyes and compromise your vision. You will need to know when to seek emergency care for your eyes when a problem arises. With help from our team at VAL-Uvision, you are positioned to know just when to seek emergency eye care services and follow up with your Jacksonville, FL optometry office.

woman receiving emergency eye care from her optometrist

Common Eye Emergencies

Most eye emergencies result from the presence of a foreign body in the eye. The foreign material may scratch the cornea, which could result in infection or other alarming complications. You may notice an immediate burning or stinging sensation and excessive watering upon your eye’s contact with the potentially harmful material.

Acute trauma can also cause eye injuries by damaging the sensitive structures within your eyeballs. At a glance, you might notice a discrepancy between your pupil size or note abnormal movements. Your eye may even look like it is bruised, swollen or bulging. Bleeding and abnormal discharge may happen as well after an acute eye injury.

How to Proceed After an Eye Injury

If you suspect your eye has suffered an injury, you should immediately stop your activity and assess the condition of your eye. Never rub or press your eye after an injury as you could lodge the foreign material in the tissues or otherwise worsen the damage. You can try to remove any foreign material you see at an eyewash station or by using a cotton swab around the eyelid. Resist the urge to use eye drops or any other medication in your eye until you can visit your eye doctor for care. Seek emergency care immediately.

When to Contact Your Optometrist

Whenever your eye suffers an injury, seek immediate emergency care. After you have received urgent care, it is smart to schedule follow up appointments right away with your eye doctor. Your optometrist will assess the level of damage and determine the best course of treatment to retain the health of your eye and visual acuity. At your visit, you will likely undergo a full eye health and vision check to determine if the injury caused lasting damage. You will need to attend additional follow up visits as well to confirm that your eyes are healing properly.

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