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Eye care is a lifelong project if you want to make sure you retain optimal vision at very stage of life. A lot of things can happen to your eyes between the pediatric eye exams you received as a child and the yearly Jacksonville eye examination you’ll need once you enter your 60s.

Regular eye examinations are critical during these years of adulthood. That’s why VAL-Uvision offers comprehensive vision exams for men and women, so we can catch and treat any problems early enough to preserve your eyesight.

Common Eye Problems Faced by Adults

Both men and women are vulnerable to eye diseases, disorders and dysfunction, and each sex has its respective weak points in this regard. For instance, men are 17 times more prone to color blindness than women; women are more prone to dry eye and disease-related blindness after the age of 40. But both sexes can fall prey to any eye disease — and some of the most damaging ones, such as glaucoma and macular degeneration, may wreak havoc for years before you start having actual vision problems.

Many eye problems are associated with adulthood. The most common of these may be

  • Presbyopia, a stiffening of the lens that makes it harder for your eyes to focus on close-up objects and text. Presbyopia typically begins around the age of 40.
  • Glaucoma risk also rises at around this age. Some eye problems associated with seniors, such as cataracts and macular degeneration, may actually begin before the age of 60.
  • Computer Vision: Last but not least, many working-age individuals suffer from a kind of digital eye strain called computer vision syndrome due to their constant use of computer screens.

What To Expect During your Comprehensive Jacksonville Eye Examination

We recommend visiting a nearby eye doctor every one or two years for women and men aged 18 to 60 with no known eye conditions, in accordance with the guidelines of the American Optometric Association. If you have a known eye/vision condition or you’re at risk for one, we may recommend yearly exams instead.

Our Jacksonville optometry team dilates your pupils so we can perform a careful, thorough inspection of the interior of the eye. This lets us see even the earliest indications of optic nerve damage or retinal disease. We also measure the fluid pressure inside the eye to see whether you’re at risk for glaucoma. Eye function testing checks your ability to focus, follow moving objects, perceive color and perform other everyday visual tasks.

Vision testing is an important part of comprehensive Jacksonville eye exams for men and women. If you’re developing presbyopia, you may start having trouble reading the smaller lines on the eye chart.

We can figure out what kind of near-vision correction we need to add to your corrective lens prescription and fit for you bifocal, trifocal or progressive multifocal eyeglasses. (Multifocals are also available as contact lenses.) If computer vision syndrome is responsible for your blurred vision and irritated eyes, we recommend getting prescription glasses near you that filter out blue light frequencies, along with best practices for taking breaks and resting your eyes at work.

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