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Sports Vision Testing at Our Jacksonville Optometrist

If you are a sports enthusiast who is looking to improve your game, the advancements in sports vision and optometry can help you elevate your performance! Our in-house optometrist can test your sports vision and also offer guidance in creating an exercise regimen that can help to improve your sports vision function level. The main components of sports vision and optometry include hand-eye coordination, a high level of depth perception, and a strong eye-tracking ability. The fully trained and helpful staff at VAL-Uvision can provide sports vision testing and also help you to improve your overall sports vision.

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The Benefits of Sports Vision Testing

The main benefit of sports vision testing is the insight and understanding that it provides to athletes about their limitations and areas where they can improve. Many professional baseball players perform sports vision exercises to help them to improve their hand-eye coordination. Likewise, downhill ski racers that must be able to discern the space between slalom poles, as well as the pitch of the race course, can benefit from enhanced depth perception. If you are a tennis or basketball enthusiast understanding eye-tracking and how it can impact your performance allows you to make necessary adjustments to improve your game.

All of these benefits can be realized after testing and the areas ripe for improvement are identified. Your optometrist can work with you to create a course of treatment exercises that may help you to improve your overall sports performance.

Different Types of Sports Vision Tests

If you are interested in sports vision care the first step is a comprehensive round of testing. There are a number of different tests that check for different things, such as the Snellen Eye Chart, Contrast Sensitivity, and Eye-Tracking Devices that can determine areas where you may need corrective lenses or other measures to improve your overall vision.

Ocular Alignment Tests, Depth Perception Measurements, and Assessments of Visual Processing Speed and Hand-Eye Coordination are essential in diagnosing vision conditions that can have an adverse effect on your physical performance.

If you are concerned that your vision may be keeping you from performing at your optimal level, we can help! Our comprehensive consultations will determine any areas where you may need sports vision help.

Interested in Learning More about Sports Vision In Jacksonville FL?

VAL-Uvision is proud to provide comprehensive eye care to our patients in the greater Jacksonville FL area. If you are interested in learning more about how sports vision can help you, please call us today at (904) 567-7707 to speak with an optometrist at our 9397 San Jose Boulevard location, or (904) 721-7700 to reach our Regency Park office located at 9400 Atlantic Boulevard.

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