10 Signs You Need New Glasses

10 Signs You Need New Glasses

Your vision is essential, but most people take it for granted. After you find out that you need glasses to correct your vision, you may wonder how often you should update and get new glasses. The need for new glasses isn’t solely dependent on when your old frames no longer match the current fashion. Here are some of the signs to watch for to help you know when it’s time to get new glasses from the eye care doctors in Jacksonville. You’re Having Headaches More Often

Headaches can have a lot of causes, from allergies to stress, but don’t be too quick to write them off to other causes. If you are having frequent headaches, the problem could be because your eyeglass prescription is outdated and you need to seek eyeglasses care for an updated prescription. You may be surprised to learn about just how much relief new glasses can give you from your headaches!

You Have a Lot of Sun Exposure

Most of summertime in Jacksonville is spent outdoors and at the beach. Sunglasses may look cool, but they also serve a very important function of shielding your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. Protecting your eyes is an important part of eyeglass care in Jacksonville and if you don’t have a current prescription for sunglasses, you could be putting your eye health at risk. Whether you choose clip-on lenses that attach to your regular everyday pair of glasses or a separate pair of regular sunglasses with prescription lenses, you don’t have to leave your eyes unprotected just because you need glasses to see.

You Frequently Work on Computers

Working on computers is an essential in the modern age, but it really takes a toll on your eyes. Computer vision syndrome includes symptoms like eye strain, dry eyes and headaches, especially after long periods of use. Regular eye exams and wearing glasses during computer use may be able to mitigate some of the effects. Don’t overlook other screens you may look closely at for long periods of time, too, like your smartphone or tablet, as these can also impact your vision.

Blurry Vision

When everything looks blurry, it’s a sign that your eyes need attention. Eye glasses care includes managing blurry vision, including with keeping up with current prescriptions for corrective vision. If you frequently experience blurry vision, you may need an updated prescription for new glasses. Don’t just suffer with unclear vision or resign yourself too seeing poorly, because the problem may be very easily fixable.

Difficulty Reading

Reading is an essential life skill, and it can be a serious problem if you start to experience difficulty with reading. But having difficulty with reading can just be a sign that you need new glasses with a current prescription. When you can’t read as clearly any more, it’s a serious sign that your vision needs attention. However, a pair of reading glasses may be a simple fix for the issue.

Poor Night Vision

Many people have problems with poor night vision, especially as they get older. But you don’t have to chalk it up to just a normal problem with aging. Eye glasses care can help you to manage problems with night vision and enable you to do all your normal activities at night, such as driving.

You Want to Embrace Something New

Glasses may have been around for many years, but that doesn’t mean that there haven’t been any new innovations in the world of eyeglasses care. Green or environmentally friendly ideas aren’t limited just to construction and home furnishings — you can even find them when you are looking for your next pair of eyeglasses! Other new changes in eyeglass trends include stylish temple designs, unique styles and a wide variety of eye-catching colors, all of which will really help you look modern and new.

You Have Been Diagnosed with Diabetes

Millions of people have diabetes, and new cases are discovered every day. If you have been recently diagnosed with diabetes, you need to take the best possible care of your health and your eyes are no exception. If you were already wearing glasses before you found out that you have diabetes, it’s important to include your eye doctor on your list of doctors and medical professionals you need to see. Your eyeglasses care needs have very likely changed now that you have diabetes, but you can manage your health most effectively when you see your eye care professional on a regular basis.

You Want a Fresh Look

Eyeglass care isn’t just about helping you see better, it can be about helping you look better, too. Eyeglasses are a fashion accessory just as much as they are an important piece of small medical equipment. Even when your prescription doesn’t change, getting new glasses can help you update your look easily and quickly to match the latest trends. Designer frames, including brands like Coach and Prada, will give your look a fresh update and match your new, trendy outfits for every season. You can even get multiple pairs to match different outfits and change out your glasses the same way you change out jewelry and shoes.

You Frequently Lose your Glasses

Having a spare pair of glasses is a really good idea if you are frequently losing your glasses, which many of us do. Your glasses are not optional for getting through your daily life, and you don’t want to have periods of time where your vision is not being corrected like it should. Don’t decide that you can get by without your glasses — get a second or third pair and avoid a troubling situation.

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