5 Tips for Not Losing Your Reading Glasses Around the House

5 Tips for Not Losing Your Reading Glasses Around the House

If you wear reading glasses, you almost certainly know the frustration of losing your eyewear around the house. It's just too easy. You get distracted and set them down somewhere, and then can't find them when you need them. It can be especially annoying if you are traveling or if you just bought a stylish new pair and are worried they might be damaged. Fortunately, there are some ways to make it easier to find your glasses, or even avoid losing them in the first place.

Train Yourself to Keep Track

This one is probably the most effective way to avoid losing your glasses, but also one of the most difficult. It involves always keeping track of them, and always putting them in the same space. Whether that is on your desk or by your bed, simply training yourself to always put them in the same spot no matter what makes it easy to keep track of them.

Unfortunately, that can be difficult. Most cases of misplaced glasses seem to happen in moments of distraction, and it can be hard to keep yourself focused on your glasses. If that is what usually happens to you, then you may want to try other methods to keep track of your eyewear in Jacksonville, FL.

Make Them Easier to Find

While this doesn't really address the problem of losing them in the first place, it can help ease your frustration. Buying bright or bold frames can help them stand out on the end table or the arm of the couch. Another good trick is to always keep your glasses case handy and pick a big or bright case. This has the added benefit of protecting your glasses if you do leave them on the cushion of your favorite seat or a similar precarious place.

Keep Them Attached

Although this might not appeal to the fashionistas with reading glasses, using a chain or strap to keep them around your neck can be very helpful for keeping track of your glasses. This is especially useful if your job or lifestyle involves putting them on and taking them off frequently, or if you remove them regularly to help strengthen your eyesight. Chains come in a variety of styles to fit almost any taste, from funky beads to elegant silver or gold links to patterned lanyards. By attaching their eyewear, Jacksonville, FL residents can avoid setting them down distractedly and instead make sure they get to a safe spot at the end of the day.

Learn Your Patterns

Most people, even absentminded ones, have certain habits and patterns that can help you locate your lost glasses. Maybe you always put them down on a certain table if you take them off to go get a snack or use the restroom. Maybe you tend to put them down on top of your book. Or maybe, like many people, you have a habit of putting them on top of your head and forgetting they are there. Whatever your personal habits are, try to get a feel for them when you do misplace your glasses. It can help you shorten the time you spend looking for them and develop strategies for avoiding the problem of lost eyewear in Jacksonville, FL.

Find a Fun Way to Store Them

If all else fails, finding a fun or quirky way to store them might help, especially if it stands out. There are many options for this, from elegant stands to ones modeled after cartoon characters. Some people find that having to walk by a large and obvious glasses stand can really help them keep track of their eyewear. These storage methods can also help prevent dirt and smudges on your lenses, helping you avoid the need to clean them quite so often.

Although it can be difficult to keep track of your reading eyewear, Jacksonville, FL residents have many options. From training yourself to buying memory aids, it can be easy to make sure you never lose your glasses again.

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