Bifocals vs Multifocals – What’s the difference?

Bifocals vs Multifocals – What’s the difference?

At VAL-Uvision, we offer bifocal and multifocal glasses and contacts. Do you know what the difference is between them? Let us tell you, so you can make sure you have the right vision correction device for your needs. Bifocals vs Multifocals - What's the difference in Jacksonville, FL

What are Bifocals?

Bifocals have two different corrective lenses. The upper portion of the lens offers everyday vision correction, depending on your prescription. The lower portion of the lens compensates for reading difficulties. When you need to read something, just direct your eyes down to receive the right amount of visual aid. Bifocals have a clear line that separates the distance and close-up zones, which some people dislike.

What are Multifocals?

Multifocals offer more than one correction yet contain no telltale line. These glasses offer compensation for far away vision, intermediate distance vision, and close vision. Multifocals come in “progressives” style, which means that vision correction is gradual from top to bottom of the lens.

Multifocal lenses accommodate many vision changes that accompany getting older. If you are over 40, you are at risk for presbyopia, a condition in which you struggle to see/read things close by. Multifocal lenses can assist with your close vision, while allowing you to see objects near and far with ease.

What are the Different Types of Bifocal & Multifocal Contact Lenses?

Most people don’t know that contact lenses can be bifocal or multifocal, but like glasses, contact lenses come in multifocal and bifocal. Bifocal lenses means to have two prescriptions in the same lens.  Bifocal lenses work well for presbyopia. Multifocal lenses have several different focusing powers in each lens, to accommodate different vision needs.

We are happy to offer multifocal and bifocal contact lenses in silicone hydrogel, soft lens, rigid gas permeable, and daily disposable types. If you would like to learn more about the difference between these types of contact lenses, the best thing to do is make an appointment for a contact lens fitting.

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