Dealing with Common Eye Disorders

Dealing with Common Eye Disorders

Common eye disorders can easily be broken down into a number of different major eye symptoms, which makes it a lot easier to sort them out and develop specific guidelines to treat the disorders. Major categories include those of

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Trauma
  • Itching
  • Burning
  • Pain
  • Spots, floaters and flashers
  • Blur

The only way to know exactly what you are dealing with is to head over for an eye exam in Jacksonville, Florida.

Eyes Appearing Irritated and Red

Bloodshot and red eyes have a number of different causes, such as inflammation, infection, allergies, trauma and broken blood vessels. If you notice that the whites of your eyes appear pink or red, you might be dealing with one of the conditions listed below.

Pink Eye – For those who have children, you are probably aware that an eye infection is commonly referred to as pink eye. The condition isn’t just for children. Adults can get it, as well. If the redness resulted from a type of pink eye referred to as conjunctivitis, you can also have burning, itching, eye discharge, stinging, watering and swelling, or a combination of these symptoms. Some forms of pink eye are also contagious, while others aren’t. Allergic conjunctivitis isn’t contagious. Bacterial and viral types of pink eye are considered contagious. It’s best to get an eye exam Jacksonville Florida for the proper diagnosis and to determine the appropriate treatment plan.

Eye Allergies – Allergies can either be seasonal or they can occur when something irritating invades the eyes, such as fumes or cat dander. Common symptoms of eye allergies are red, itchy eyes and puffy, watery eyes. The manner in which your eyes are affected will depend upon the time of year it is and the type of plants that are around where you live. Many people suffer with allergies throughout the year because of molds, dust mites and more.

Broken Blood Vessel – The tiny blood vessels within the white of the eye can end up breaking from lifting, straining, rubbing, or possibly due to hypertension. Once this happens, the sclera will become bright red from the blood, making its way into the clear conjunctiva, which is referred to as a subconjunctival hemorrhage. Red eye from this condition looks quite scary, but it is often harmless and isn’t normally considered an emergency.

Eye Trauma – If you get hit in the eye, it can definitely cause redness, blurred vision and pain. The eye can be gouged or scratched, but there might also be hidden damage to the eye, such as a detached retina that can be serious. Detached retinas need to be treated right away. Unless you are only hit lightly, you want an eye doctor to perform an eye exam Jacksonville Florida and treat the problem quickly.

Itchy and Itching Eyes

Almost all itching of the eyes is related to an allergy of some sort. Sometimes, the mild itching can be alleviated with an over-the-counter drop. Avoid using the ones that are supposed to eliminate redness, as they can have a rebound effect. Using cold compresses or artificial tears can help relieve itchy eyes.

Severe itching might need additional help, such as prescription eye drops or an oral antihistamine. Even though this isn’t an emergency, you still want to consult your eye doctor and have an eye exam Jacksonville Florida conducted. If the eyelids are inflamed and red, you might be dealing with blepharitis. Make sure you have an exam conducted to determine what the root of the problem is and what the best treatment method is.

Blurred Vision

If you have blurred vision occurring suddenly and persistently, this constitutes an emergency. Make a trip to the eye doctor for an eye exam Jacksonville Florida immediately. If you have an eye that suddenly goes dark or becomes blurry, this could indicate a retinal problem, such as a detachment or a stroke.

Minor blurring that intermittently occurs could mean tiredness, eye strain or dryness. Bear in mind that certain conditions can cause blurred vision, such as allergies, pink eye, or dry eyes. Most of these situations aren’t considered an emergency. Try resting your eyes. If the blurriness continues, schedule an eye exam Jacksonville Florida.

Puffy Eyes

Unusual puffiness surrounding the eyes is often attributed to allergies. Trauma to the eyes can also cause swelling.

Eye Burning

Eye burning might be related to allergies, tiredness, dryness, vision stress or a combination of the aforementioned conditions. If the burning persists, you need to have an eye exam Jacksonville Florida to determine what the underlying problem is.

Eye Pain

Eye pain can either be dull or sharp, external or internal, intermittent or constant, throbbing or stabbing. As a rule, if you ever have pain and redness, you should consider this to be an emergency and see your doctor immediately for an eye exam Jacksonville Florida. Constant pain in the eyes, especially when moving the eyes or pushing on them gently, might indicate an inflammation of any number of different inner eye parts. Try and see your provider quickly for an accurate treatment plan and diagnosis.

Foreign Object

Getting something inside of your eye might seem like an emergency, and at times, it is. Regardless of whether your eye has a piece of metal, sticker, thorn or other sharp object in it, it’s crucial that you see a doctor for an accurate diagnosis. Avoid rubbing your eye and attempting to remove what’s in it, as you might case additional damage.

Floaters, Flashes and Spots

Most floaters and spots are considered normal. They are often caused by small amounts of protein and other tissues that are embedded in the gel-like material filling the inside of the eye. As you grow older, the vitreous ends up being more fluid. The thread-like shapes and strands move easily in the vitreous, which makes them a lot more noticeable. Some floaters, when accompanied by light flashes, might be an indication of something more serious going on, such as that of a detached retina.

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