Eye Makeup and Contact Lenses

Eye Makeup and Contact Lenses

Through a simple process, you can apply your eye makeup to your eyes without causing damage to your contact lenses. Repeatedly cleaning your hands, and blinking, will reduce any problems you will have with your contact lenses while you apply your makeup.

Many women wear contact lenses as a simple alternative to using glasses or having eye surgery. As a temporary solution for an eye condition, they can be worn during many everyday activities. However, without proper instruction, contact lenses can often get in the way when applying eye makeup and stifle the process. The following tips will help maximize your efforts of applying makeup without hurting your appearance or eyes.

  • Put Your Contacts in First – Putting in your contact lens first is important. You will need to see exactly what you are doing when applying your makeup, which might be better to perform without glasses on. Be sure to wash your hands and dry each one completely before inserting a contact lens in your traditional way.
  • Apply Your Eye Shadow – By gently closing your eye you can hold your eyelash down using your finger. Avoid getting your eyelashes in the way of your contact lens. By gently laying a single finger over the eyelid you can apply the eye shadow using the other hand. Always use sweeping motions across your eye so you will not wrinkle or tear the contact lens that resides underneath the eyelid. Once completed, repeat the process on the other eye.
  • Apply Your Mascara – Mascara should be applied when the eyes are open wide. Remember to blink repeatedly before starting the process. Mascara should also be applied slowly and from the middle of the lashes. In a sweeping motion, move the eyelash wand up from the center. Any mascara applied closer to the eye runs the risk of dotting the contact lens. Make sure you repeatedly blink your eyes to wet your contact lens.
  • Apply Your Eyeliner – By propping your arms and elbows on a steady flat surface, your eyeliner can easily be applied. It is important to remain steady as you place a sharp pencil close to your eye. Keeping your eyes calm, it is important not to blink during the process of eyeliner applications. Remember to look up through the process. Looking down could cause severe damage the contact lens, or run the risk of poking yourself in the eye.

Additional Tips

It is important to remember that you need to blink through the entire process of applying eye makeup to your eyes. Eyes that dry out tend to make the contact lens feel uncomfortable and can possibly drop out. Always clean your contact lenses and your hands before putting them in.

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