Fall Trends in Eyeglasses Is a Retro Look to the Past

Fall Trends in Eyeglasses Is a Retro Look to the Past

The new fall trends in women’s eye accessories are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, and frames to fit any modern, conservative, retro, bold or delicate look. Many of the frames are designed for an “all day” look, while others are strictly for going out on the town. New designer labels for the fall season are offered in a variety of colors to match skin tones and hair color as well.

More than just a quality fall trend, eyeglass frames need to fit well in order to be comfortable, right? So say you select the best looking frames for your face but they simply slide off your nose, you will spend more time adjusting the fit instead of enjoying the look. Often times, individuals choose frames that are too wide, and not a good fit for their face shape. The optometrist might be able to order that specific frame in a smaller (or larger) size. So never settle for an uncomfortable fit.

Many manufacturers have now released a variety of “petite” collections to fit the smaller face. Sometimes the design frame has an uncomfortable nose pad to the specific wearer’s nose, although quite often the pad can be changed as well. Style with durability is in fashion this season, built with top-quality materials that will not bend out of shape or scratch easily.

The eye accessory fashion trends in season this fall include:

A Retro Glam – From dramatic cat eyes to sassy animal prints, these Retro Glam frames have that old flair look with glitzy dazzle that adds its own sense of chic style.

Mod Persuasion – With round frames that represent 1960s modern persuasion, these spicy colors and tortoise look add a certain geek modish style to the frame.

Military Chic – Not for the faint of heart, military chic eyeglass frames provide that edgy look with its studded details and “metallic”. Offering their own level of toughness, these frames work well for the hard rocker look.

Victorian Dandy – Today’s modern man shows off his own sense of style with round plastic or metal frames. Adding a brow-line sophisticated retro look, the Victorian Dandy collection is a must-have for any guy wanting to display their own well-bred classic style.

American Vintage – As a fall back to the 1970s, these idyllic American Vintage style frames have an old charm wood detail that is the envy of anyone that desires a geek chic look.

This year’s fall trend in eyewear is a look back at yesteryear for any individual moving forward into their future. Men and women emulating the old-style look will be chic and in fashion this season.

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