Favorite Summer Styles

Favorite Summer Styles

Poor eyesight affects millions, and a large percentage of these individuals wear glasses in order to compensate. While some wearers are not confident in their glasses, there are a variety of cute summer styles that are classy and allow the wearer to display their unique sense of fashion.

Standard Black Rimmed Eyeglasses Popular in Hollywood
A growing number of eyeglass wearers in Jacksonville are following the Hollywood trend of wearing black rimmed glasses. This style gives the wearer an intelligent and chic look with little investment. The summer style is one that screams sophistication while implying a fun side that is hidden beneath the lenses.

Clip-Ons Work Great in the Summer
For those who wish to portray more of their spunk through their eyeglasses, a great summertime option can be found with clip-ons. These unique and versatile eyeglasses are lightweight, comfortable and suitable for a variety of rim styles. The prescription lenses are easily clipped onto an existing pair of sunglasses to transform them into a dynamic pair that offers protection from the sun’s powerful rays, the aid the eyes need to see properly and a fashionable look all in one.

Just Plain Stylish
Sometimes subtle is the best option, and this stands true for summer eyeglass fashion. Many are donning a plain pair of glasses with stainless steel rims that are not colored. These glasses are practical in offering the user proper eyesight without drawing unnecessary attention. This gives the wearer a utilitarian appearance that displays their confidence and business-like nature.

Keeping Up With the Stars
For the fashionista who appreciates merging cute style with the practical use eyeglasses have to offer, Gucci offers an extensive line of glasses that successfully pull this off. The over-sized frame that has become popular among the rich and famous are employed in the creation of these glasses. They flatter the face in a unique way to make the wearer stand out in a crowd, and there are many options in color and design that can be chosen from.

Eyeglasses offer wearers much needed aid in the ability to see their surroundings clearly and with ease. Those who require their use need not wear the same old pair of eyeglasses every day. By browsing the variety of cute and classy summer styles, they can turn their ocular malady into way to let their individuality shine.

To help you find the right style for you, we have a stylish team of eye specialists at every VAL-Uvision location in the Jacksonville area to help you find the look that leaves you feeling confident! Visit one of our locations today.

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