Glass Lenses vs. Plastic Lenses for Eyeglasses: Which is better?

Choosing The Right Lenses For Your Eyeglasses In Jacksonville, FL

When many people think about purchasing a pair of glasses, they think about choosing the right frames. The types of lenses you put in your glasses can also affect their appearance and durability. Lenses for eyeglasses in Jacksonville, FL can be purchased in a variety of plastics or in glass, and your lifestyle will help determine which is right for you.

Glass Lenses

Glass is a traditional lens material that can offer better visual clarity because the lenses are clearer. However, glass lenses are not impact resistant and can shatter, potentially causing eye injuries. Glass lenses should not be worn for sports and may not be a good choice for active children.

Pros of Glass Lenses

  • Better for Bifocals and Trifocals
  • Clearer View
  • Less Expansion and Contraction of Glass due to Extreme Temperatures
  • May Offer Thinner Lenses than Plastic for Some People
  • Scratch Resistant


Cons of Glass Lenses

  • Heavier than Plastic Lenses
  • May not Be Good for Children
  • More Expensive than Plastic
  • Not Recommended for Sports

Plastic Lenses

Plastic lenses can be manufactured from a variety of materials, including polycarbonate, trivex and high-index plastic. Polycarbonate lenses are a great choice for individuals who need impact resistant lenses or who play sports on a regular basis. Trivex lenses are also impact resistant and may give individuals with certain refractive errors better vision correction. High-index plastic lenses are a good choice for individuals who need extremely strong prescriptions.

Pros of Plastic Lenses

  • Better for Anti-reflective Coatings
  • Lenses Can Be Tinted in Almost any Color
  • Less Prone to Breaking or Cracking
  • Lighter Than Glass
  • UV Resistant

Cons of Plastic Lenses

  • Not as Clear as Glass
  • Scratch Easily
  • Susceptible to Expansion and Contraction in Extreme Temperatures

Glass or Plastic Lenses From Our Optometrist in Jacksonville

Our Optometrist in Jacksonville can help you choose the right lenses for your glasses by asking you a few important questions about your lifestyle and your corrective lens needs. Adults who do not play sports on a regular basis or who need bifocal or trifocal lenses may do better with glass lenses.

All types of plastic lenses offer some form of impact resistance, which means they work better for children and for adults who play sports while wearing their glasses. Plastic lenses can also be tinted in a variety of colors for style or to help in certain lighting conditions.

To schedule an appointment with our optometrist for an exam or to learn more about eyeglasses in Jacksonville, FL, call us today.

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