Is it Stye or Pink Eye?

Is it Stye or Pink Eye?

Often, when we get mysterious itches and swelling of the eye, it can be difficult to tell exactly what is causing it. Some eye abnormalities and conditions don’t start out with painful or noticeable symptoms, and once signs do start to appear, it can be hard to tell exactly what it is.

Seeking the opinion of a eye doctor can help identify what the trouble is and recommend a treatment to help heal the eye and let the patient resume a normal life more quickly. This can help cut down on time wasted trying treatments and medications that may not have any effect.

Characteristics of Pink Eye

Conjunctivitis, commonly known as “pink eye”, is most often caused by an allergy or infection and is known for causing the white area of your eye to turn red or pink. There is often a discharge of a mucus or pus like substance as well, however, little pain or change in vision is experienced in mild cases. A doctor will most likely prescribe antibiotic eye drops after making a diagnosis of conjunctivitis. “Pink eye” can be spread, as it is an infection, so care must be taken when touching the hands of the infected or handling any towels or wash cloths used when wiping eyes. If the patient or caregiver doesn’t use proper caution, they can spread the infection to themselves and others.

Characteristics of Styes

Chalazia, or a “stye”, is an inflammation or clogging of skin glands on the eyelid that features a tender spot, swelling, and redness in one place on the lid. Sometimes the inflammation can spread to other parts of the lid, resembling cellulitis, but the center of the irritation and tenderness will remain in the eyelid. Warm compresses will usually aid in relieving a stye, and no other treatment will be required. However, if there are any questions or concerns, a doctor will happily examine your eye, determine if it is indeed a stye and decide what the best course of treatment is for your symptoms.

See your Doctor

Conditions like pink eye can develop quickly, often leaving patients wondering what it is, or why it isn’t responding to treatment. By making an appointment with your eye doctor, you can find out exactly what is bothering your eye and get the right treatments to return your eye to perfect health.

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