New Innovations in Contact Lenses to Know

New Innovations in Contact Lenses to Know

Contact lenses were once difficult to wear and short-lived, but today this is no longer true. Modern technology offers a broad range of innovations in contact lenses that you should be aware of if you use, or have ever used contact lenses.

Contact lenses have evolved considerably from what they once were. In fact, after an eye exam with a Jacksonville optometrist, you might be rather surprised at the new innovations with contacts you can enjoy today. Here’s a look at some of the recent changes that have been made.

One-Day Disposables – Many contact wearers suffer from blurred vision at the end of the day. Many people chalk that up to nothing more than the price they pay for wearing contacts, but it might actually be moisture loss. That changes the way your contacts fit and function. New technology offers a daily disposable contact that doesn’t lose moisture and won’t cause blurred vision.

One-Day Multifocal Lenses – Once, contact lenses weren’t possible for those with different prescriptions (those who would wear bifocals, for instance). Today, that is no longer true because you can find one-day wear multifocal lenses. These offer the best ability to see near, far and middle distances.

Better Comfort – Not all the innovations here are concerned with the contacts themselves. There have also been advances made in the technology of contact cleaning solutions. A new single-step hydrogen peroxide cleaner removes protein deposits, dirt and even lubricates your lenses better than any other option available in the past.

Moist Toric Contacts for Astigmatism – Those who have astigmatism have had to wear expensive toric lenses until now. Today, that’s changed; you will find one-day moist disposable toric lenses available for those with astigmatism.

Crisper Optics – One new innovation out there for those with astigmatism is the debut of “HD” lenses, or high definition optics. These are designed to provide you with clearer, crisper vision through a specially made toric lens.

To find out more about your options in contact lenses, make an appointment with VAL-Uvision. You will find that our optometrists can conduct professional eye exams and then recommend the ideal contact lenses for you. Contacts are no longer hard, dry and uncomfortable – new innovations offer better comfort and eye health for anyone who wears them.

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