New Innovations in Eyeglasses

New Innovations in Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses have been around for a very long time and throughout that time, they have evolved very little, or so it would seem. The truth is actually quite the opposite, there have been many changes to eyeglasses and the technology behind them. This is particularly true in the last few years. What new innovations in eyeglasses should you know about?

Going Green

Going green is very important to many consumers today. Now, there’s a way to go green even with your eyeglasses. There are types of glasses available that are made with 95% recycled material, which helps to alleviate the load placed on our landfills, as well as reducing emissions from new plastics manufacture.

Unique Styles

Once upon a time, eyeglasses were pretty utilitarian. Today, that’s not the case at all. You’ll find styles to fit any personality or activity, from sportswear to those that have lacework edging around the lenses. Adding your own sense of style or fun is simple and easy today.

Temple Designs

Most eyeglasses have plain temples – they’re just there to help hold your glasses on your head. However, modern options offer a variety of styles, designs and details. If you want a bit of bling, there are options with rhinestones and crystals. If you want something a bit more pop culture, you’ll find printed designs like skulls and flowers as well.


Eyeglasses were once pretty dull when it came to colors. Browns, blues, beiges, and blacks were the extent of your options. Not so today – you’ll find every color imaginable, and many more you thought unimaginable in eyeglasses. Translucent, transparent, lattice styles and many other options await you with some of today’s eyeglass designers.

Always Try Them On

A new pair of frames are worthless unless they fit your face and compliment your features. It doesn’t matter how good your new frames help you see if they are constantly falling off your face or even worse if they just flat out look terrible on you. Don’t commit online and deal with shipping and returns, stop in one of our locations and try on multiple selections to find your right pair.

If you want to explore all the new innovations in modern eyeglasses, contact VAL-Uvision today for a free consultation with an optometrist and to learn more about your options in glasses and prescription sunglasses.

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