Optometrists and Your Eyes

Optometrists and Your Eyes

Your eyes are the most sensitive organs in your body; they don’t just let you “see” the world, your eyes allow you to experience the dynamic and ever-changing visual world and all the wonderful people in your life. To quote a poet, your eyes are the windows to your soul… yet many people neglect their eyes and their eyesight.

Your local eye doctor or optometrist is an important practitioner of eye care and eye health which contribute to your overall well being. An optometrist isn’t concerned with selling your glasses or the latest color contact lenses; he or she is primarily concerned with providing you exceptional eye care. VAL-Uvision not only works with a bevy of board certified optometrists, VAL-Uvision is owned by those same optometrists, so they care about the service and the quality of eye care that is provided because their professional reputation is also at stake.

Why does it make a difference if the optometrists own the eyeglass retail center? Many vision retail operations are actually two separate operations. The optometry practice is conducted within a corporately owned optical. If there is an issue, it may be prove problematic for the patient to get to the right people within the two different operations to address the concern. At VAL-Uvision, both operations, the medical practice and the optical, are owned and operated by the doctors. This means that the VAL-Uvision operation ensures the quality eye care the patient receives from beginning to end. At all of VAL-Uvision Eye Care locations in Jacksonville,  the eye doctors and eye care professionals care about the entire operation from examining your eyes, making recommendations for the most optimal choices for vision care and providing the highest quality vision products to ensure the best eye care and regular vision maintenance.

In some cases, two operation/retail vision store models have been know to have some drawbacks in providing vision care. This is where a company like VAL-Uvision provides additional value when you are looking for comprehensive eye care. The optometrist-owned vision care solution will provide a greater level of care, service and execution of the desires from the eye doctor.

Visiting an Optometrist must be part of your annual health review, because proper maintenance and eye care will catch any vision problem at the earliest stages so you can be diagnosed and receive the most effective eye care.

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