Signs Your Kids Might Have Vision Problems

Signs From Your Jacksonville, FL Optometrist That Your Kid Might Have Vision Problems

It’s not always easy to determine if your child has vision problems. Some kids might not realize their vision isn’t normal or they may not have the vocabulary to describe what they’re seeing. The team of eye doctors at VAL-Uvision, in Jacksonville, FL, encourages parents to schedule an appointment for a comprehensive eye exam if they suspect their child may be developing any vision problem.

Common Symptoms of Vision Issues

Sometimes a child with poor vision health can have difficulty performing in school or concentrating while reading. If a child uses a finger to guide when reading, or if they lose track, they may have a problem seeing the words on the page. You may notice them squinting, tilting their head, closing one eye or rubbing their eyes when they’re trying to concentrate. Other symptoms may include itchy, red or pink eyes and irritation. Children with vision issues may also have problems with motor skill development.

Sitting too close to the television can indicate nearsightedness. Some children can develop photophobia, or an extreme sensitivity to light, which can culminate in headaches, nausea and tearing. Children with eye strain may be averse to using computers or tablets because it hurts their eyes. Other symptoms include disliking reading, getting easily distracted during class, missing small words when reading aloud and having a low reading comprehension. A propensity to write vertically can also indicate eye issues. A comprehensive eye exam can rule out the possibility of a larger learning disability.

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To ensure your children have optimal vision health, make sure they have regular eye exams with a trusted optometrist like the ones at VAL-Uvision. Children should have their eyes checked beginning around 6 months, with another appointment around age 3. When they start school, their vision should continue to be checked by an eye doctor in order to catch any potential vision issues. We will test their vision, hand-eye coordination, eye muscle strength and focusing abilities. If you suspect your child may have problems seeing clearly in Jacksonville, FL, contact a VAL-Uvision optometrist near you!

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