Things To Consider Before Buying Glasses Online

Things To Consider Before Buying Glasses Online

Ordering glasses online is often less expensive and may be more convenient than shopping in store. However, you need to consider certain issues when ordering glasses online. Keep in mind that every pair of glasses is a custom-made item. Custom-made items take special care in order to make them perfect for each individual.

If you know the exact measurements and style frames and the exact lens prescription, then ordering glasses online may be fine. But chances are you will not have all the necessary information. There are a few things that you will need to consider before ordering glasses online:

  • You get professional help during the process with an eye appointment
  • Most patients don’t understand measurements
  • Problems with glasses ordered online, can’t be fixed as many times as you may need them
  • You may find imposters online
  • Shipping issues
  • Progressive lenses require more details
  • Patients with Astigmatism need special attention
  • Many times there are bad or no return policies

Optical Offices provide immediate professional help.

One advantage of going to an eye care specialist is that they can walk you through the entire process. If you have any questions or concerns with lenses or frames, the answer is given to you right away. You also have the opinion of eye care professionals when picking your frames.

You won't get the proper measurements to make your vision its best.

There are different designs and materials for both frames and lenses. Also, every person has a different head and eye structure, that includes size and shape. This makes shopping on your own difficult. Unlike a store, you can not try on the various frames to find the one that looks best on you. There are programs that allow you to upload a self-photo. However, this doesn't allow you to feel how the frames fit your face. You won't know if the frames are too loose or too tight, sit too high or too low.

Problems with glasses can not be easily fixed online.

Ordering glasses online can be convenient since the product is delivered directly to you. However, if the glasses have any problems they cannot be fixed easily. Unlike being at a store, you cannot have a skilled eye care professional adjust or fix lenses or frames.

Getting your glasses from a store means that you can return to that store as many times as you need to get a problem fixed. It also means that problems will be fixed as quickly as possible not leaving you without your much needed glasses.

You may encounter imposters when buying frames.

Although this problem is not as likely, you can run into online sites handing out imposter frames. This happens mostly when you are choosing high end or name brand frames.

You may deal with careless shipping or long waiting periods.

When dealing with some online sites you can experience the problems of careless shipping and handling. And when it comes to your glasses the last thing you need is to have them arrive damaged. This makes getting your order corrected a longer process.

Another problem that can occur when dealing online and in shipping is a delay. Many online companies tend to wait for bulk shipping. This means that even if your glasses are ready they may sit awhile until the company has enough glasses for shipping. Many companies do this in order to receive a certain rate from the shipping companies. The last thing you want to do is wait longer than you have to for your new glasses.

Progressive lenses and bifocals require more work to get them fitted properly.

Fitting multi-focal lenses is an intricate process due to the additional prescription power that is added to the lens. Also, many extra measurements are likely needed.

Determining which lens is right for you often requires an in-depth discussion with a doctor or someone with the knowledge of the product such as an associate in an optical store. Online you might not find out if you are getting the optimal lens for your visual needs.

Getting glasses for astigmatism

If you are experiencing blurred vision, distorted vision, headaches or eye discomfort you need to be seen by a professional. You may have an astigmatism. For those that have this condition, certain eyeglasses are needed. These glasses correct the astigmatism by altering the way light enters your eyes.

Return policies online may lack the quality optical office policies have.

You may or may not need new glasses. If you do, you want the best deal possible without losing quality. If you need glasses, then you are in need of a set of lenses that matches the condition of your eyes. The chances of getting a wrong pair of glasses online is higher and replacing them will be harder. In addition, many online return policies are not as complete or straight forward.

Obviously when it comes to return policies certain conditions cannot be helped. Mishandling and incorrect use of glasses that causes breaks and other damage are not likely covered in any policy. Make sure that you take proper care of your glasses after purchasing them.

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