Tips for Traveling – Contact Lenses and Glasses

Tips for Traveling – Contact Lenses and Glasses

If you are traveling for necessity or fun, it is important to take along extra eyeglasses and contact lenses so you do not become stranded without your vision. Additionally, with a copy of an updated prescription with your doctor’s contact information you will be prepared in the event that you lose or damage your eyewear.

Anytime you travel, it is important to think ahead about how you will transport your corrective eyeglasses and contact lenses. Any trip can quickly turn into a disaster whenever your eyewear has become broken or lost. Nothing could be more disconcerting than having to navigate your way in an unknown city, a crowded airport or unfamiliar territory. Instead of putting yourself in a position where you cannot see anything in front of your face, these few tips can assure you that your trip will be comfortable, enjoyable, and viewable.

Your Eyeglasses

  • As a sure guarantee, it is always important to bring along a backup pair of your eyeglasses. Even if they are old, and from a prescription you no longer use, you will at least have something you can use to make your way through an unfamiliar environment.
  • Take along an effective cleaning solution. Traveling often creates smudged glasses.
  • Always have a small eyeglass repair kit in your travel bag just in case your glasses require minimal adjusting. Additionally, make sure you have a few extra nose pads. They can be obtained at your local drugstore or at your eye doctor office.
  • If you will be wearing contact lenses during your trip, bring along your eyeglasses anyway. Often times, sightseeing in a strange environment can produce allergies that make wearing contact lenses uncomfortable.

Your Contact Lenses

  • It is important to always pack a few extra contact lenses along with the contact case.
  • Never travel anywhere without your eyeglasses as a backup. If you experience an eye infection or other eye illness on your trip, it may be impossible to wear your contact lenses.
  • Make sure to bring re-wetting solution for your contact lenses. You will find that traveling in airplanes and walking through airports tend to dry out your eyes, often making it nearly impossible to wear your contact lenses. By adding a few eye drops to your eye and contact lenses, each hour when traveling, can keep your eyes comfortable and moist.

Bring your doctor’s contact information along with you. Any type of eye inflammation or infection you experience on your travels might require additional medication that you can pick up at a pharmacy while out of town.

Finally, it is important to always have the latest contact lens and eyeglass prescription with you. This will allow you to purchase any additional lenses or eyeglasses as needed, in your travels.

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