What Kind of Doctor Can Treat an Eye Infection?

What Kind of Doctor Can Treat an Eye Infection?

While there are three types of doctors that specialize in treating eyes, only two are deemed qualified to treat eye infections. Eyes are sensitive and not every doctor can treat the different types of injuries or conditions that eyes experience. If you are looking to get a regular eye exam, visit an optician. However, for more serious problems such as cataracts, or injections the best doctors to visit are an ophthalmologist or an optometrist.

What Is An Optometrist and What Eye Condition Can He or She Treat?

Every doctor specializes in one or more areas of optometry medicine, which deal specifically with one or more parts of the body. An optometrist examines all parts of the visual system affecting the eyes. He or she can treat and manage visual problems stemming from injuries, illnesses, diseases, and accidents. This specialist can also prescribe contact lenses and prescription eyeglasses.  Professionals providing eye care in this field are not eye surgeons. Patients needing eye surgery to correct a visual problem may be referred to another eye specialist called an ophthalmologist.

What Is An Ophthalmologist and What Eye Condition Can He or She Treat?

An ophthalmologist specializes in providing vision and eye care. However, the professional working in this field of medicine is trained to perform eye surgery, diagnose and treat diseases of the eye after careful examination, and write prescriptions for vision care appliances such as contacts and eyewear.

Benefits of Seeing a Doctor for an Eye Infection

If you are experiencing problems with your eyes, you want to see a doctor that is skilled in giving your eyes the care, and attention they need and deserve.  For injections of the eye or for eye infections, that do not require surgery, an optometrist can provide the same care as an ophthalmologist. However, for eye conditions that require extensive treatment, including surgery, you need to see a full-service eye doctor or an ophthalmologist.

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