When Should You Visit An Eye Doctor?

When Should You Visit An Eye Doctor? | By: VAL-Uvision in Jacksonville


Since your eyes are such important tools to help you conduct your daily activities, it makes sense to take care of your vision to the fullest. It is important to know when to see your local eye doctor to evaluate your eye health.

Here are 4 signs you should schedule an eye exam near you.

when to see an optometrist by valuvision jacksonville
#1: You Notice Changes with Your Vision

If you find your surroundings appear blurrier than they had in the past or if you have trouble reading street signs, pages in a book, or text on an electronic device, there is a chance your vision needs correcting.

In addition, if you are squinting in order to see things clearly, your eyesight may have change. Other vision problems needing immediate attention are seeing flashes of light or shadows upon objects that never used to be there before, you may have a serious condition with the retina of the affected eye.

#2 You Are Experiencing Pain 

If you are suffering from pain in one of your eyes, seeing an optometrist for an evaluation is extremely necessary. Pain may be caused by a foreign object in the eye, pink eye, or an allergic reaction.

If you have a small bump on the lid of your eye, you may be suffering from a sty. If your eye hurts when you move it from side to side, or if the pain does not subside after a day or two, it is best to schedule an appointment to rule out serious medical problems. In an eye emergency, you should go to the nearest emergency room as soon as possible.

#3 If You Injured Your Eye or Suspect Eye Infection

Ocular injury is considered an emergency situation in most cases that should be assessed quickly. It depends on the type of injury. Visit the emergency room if it is something serious. Apply a cold compress to the injured eye, if feasible. If you have a clean eye shield at home, you can use that while on your way to treatment.

Do not try to take the object out by yourself if it has penetrated the globe. The emergency room staff will know the level of severity of the event and how best to treat the issue.

When an eye emergency occurs such as a foreign object in the eye or a scratch to the eye, timing is everything when it comes to protecting and preserving your eyesight.

Use your best judgment when caring for an eye emergency and seek professional help.

#4 You Are Due For An Annual Eye Exam

Seeing our optometrist every year is the best way to keep your eyes healthy. During your appointment, our optometrist will check your sight to determine whether corrective lenses or a change in your current prescription for lenses is needed. Going to a yearly exam helps in catching medical problems early enough where they may be remedied without further damage to your eyesight.


Contact VAL-Uvision in Jacksonville, FL For Questions 

At VAL-Uvision, we are aptly named because all of our caring staffers truly value our patients as a whole and we value your precious eyesight in particular.

We also know eye care can be expensive. We don’t want patients to neglect regular eye examinations and treatments due to budgetary reasons.  You will find that the cost of our services is reasonably affordable. You will not find a more valuable optometry practice in the Jacksonville, FL area. Make an appointment to visit VAL- Uvision in Jacksonville, FL for an eye exam if you experience any of the following conditions.

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