Why Annual Visits to the Eye Doctor are Vital to Overall Health

Why Annual Visits to the Eye Doctor are Vital to Overall Health

Most people understand the importance of regular doctor visits and yearly physical exams. Even still, many people tend to avoid doctor visits until they are sick and need medical attention. Moreover, often overlooked but just as important as regular doctor visits and a yearly physical exam, is an annual eye exam.

When is the last time you went to the eye doctor? If you are like most people, it has been more than a year. Even though most people understand the importance of regular doctor visits to maintain good health and prevent many medical problems, most people are not aware that an annual visit to your Jacksonville, FL eye doctor is vital for overall health.

Eye Doctors Can Find Hidden Medical Problems

Are you aware that eye doctors can determine various medical conditions during an eye exam? Serious medical conditions, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, have indicators that can be seen by an eye doctor during an eye exam. Therefore, some eye patients who come in for their annual eye exams discover that they have a medical condition that needs immediate attention.

Eye Doctors Can Diagnose Eye Conditions Early On

There are many eye conditions or problems that can go undetected by you for a long time period without any noticeable warning signs. Moreover, by the time that you notice a problem concerning your eyes, the damage from the eye condition can be sever and potentially irreparable. Eye conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, or macular degeneration are common but serious eye conditions that can go undetected for a long period time if you do not have an annual eye exam. This is why it is very important to visit the eye doctor at least once a year so that eye conditions or problems can be detected early.

Eye Doctors Can Update Prescriptions for Eyeglasses or Contact Lenses

Has your eyesight changed during the past year? If so, you may need new eyeglasses or contact lenses. During an annual eye exam in Jacksonville, FL, an eye doctor can evaluate your current eye status. If it is determined during the eye exam that you need eyeglasses or contacts, an eye doctor can provide you with an eyeglass or contact prescription. Moreover, for your overall health, maintaining your vision is important. This is why checking your vision on an annual basis is important. If eyeglasses or contacts are needed, the situation can be handled during an annual eye exam to prevent more serious eye problems down the road.

Annual visits to the eye doctor are vital to your overall health because many potential health problems can be uncovered during an annual eye exam. Once the health problems are discovered, the problems can be treated. In addition, many potential health problems can be avoided with early detection and preventive treatment initiated during an annual eye exam.

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