Why is it Important to See a Florida Optometrist Regularly?

Why is it Important to Visit a Florida Optometrist Regularly?

Getting frequent eye exams can help you maintain good eyesight and avoid eye disease. Knowing how to recognize the symptoms of eye disease and how to tell when you need eye glasses can help you decide when it’s time to see an eye doctor. At VAL-Uvision, we encourage residents of Jacksonville to see an optometrist on a regular basis. Here’s why:

Symptoms of Eye Disease

While many eye diseases have few or no noticeable symptoms until they become serious, there are a few diseases and eye health problems that produce symptoms in their earlier stages.

  • Sensitivity to light.
  • Loss of eyesight.
  • Flashing lights in your eye sight.
  • A single red eye.
  • Sudden appearance of a shadow in your eyesight.
  • Eye pain.

If you experience any of the problems above, see an eye doctor right away. Delaying treatment for eye disease could result in complete loss of eye sight.

Warning Signs You Need Glasses

There are many possible warning signs that you need glasses! Some of the most common reasons that people decide to get glasses include:

  • Headaches. You may get a headache when concentrating on screens, books or white boards.
  • Blurry vision. Blurry vision can happen at once, or gradually with time.
  • Squinting. You should not need to squint in order to see properly; if you do, this probably means you need glasses.
  • Eye strain or eye fatigue. Another sign that you need glasses is chronic eye strain or eye fatigue.

If you display any of the symptoms above, we recommend seeing an eye doctor as soon as possible for an eye exam.

Annual Eye Exams In Jacksonville

Even if your eyes seem perfectly healthy and you show no warning signs of needing glasses, it’s still important to see an eye doctor on a regular basis. At your exam, your eye doctor will check to ensure that your vision is clear and your eyes are functioning properly. That’s why we recommend our patients see an optometrist in Jacksonville FL every year.

Your eyes can change over time. Seeing an eye doctor will ensure that you get eye treatment when you need it.

When Should Exams Start

At your eye doctor in Jacksonville, we recommend starting exams early in life. Even small children can get eye disease or need corrective lenses. Taking your baby to the eye doctor annually starting at 6 months old will help ensure that your baby’s eyes are healthy. If your baby or small child needs treatment or eye disease or poor vision, your optometrist will tell you.

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